Discover a world of possibilities with your ibitt card

Discover a world of possibilities with your ibitt card

Nowadays traditional financial services struggle to keep up with the times. While in 2018 the statistics pointed out that the adults at a global scale with access to financial services reached to 69% -which represents 3800 million people- according to the World Bank, the pending work is still of huge proportions, specially in Latin America.

By 2017 the amount of LATAM users without access to bank services reached 46%, which means 2100 million people. This according to statistics of the Inter-American Development Bank.

The reasons for this uneven situation to service access varies, including adoption difficulties. Also, the offering of services in FinTech to cover the necessity for access to financial services was only of 27%.

Going further from geographic and traditional services barriers, in ibitt we go ahead of the necessities of our users to make an easy transition towards financial services with blockchain and cryptocurrencies with our ibitt card.


What is the ibitt card?

The ibitt card is a prepaid debit card that is designed to access to your funds both in cryptoassets and fiat money, using all our services.


How does it works?

This special card has many benefits for you. Just to start, you can make purchases in over 38 million businesses all over the world.

Also, your ibitt card gives you access directly to your funds in cryptoassets or fiat money, keeping them all in the same account, from where you can withdraw your cash from any of the ATM’s in our network.

In order to recharge your funds the process is simple, just using any of our options in fiat money (USD, GBP, EUR, CLP) to send funds directly to your fiat wallet. In the case of choosing to use cryptoassets, the same process applies, selecting the cryptoassets of your preference and sending them over to your ibitt wallet.

Do you want to pay with your cryptoassets in a establishment? The ibitt card has a scannable PIN for points of sale, which can be used to buy in any merchant without problem. You can learn how to use your ibitt card in this video.

Also, the ibitt card  is quite accessible. The commissions for each operation are from just $1 and it allows the users to withdraw even $8,000 daily in cash from our ATMs.


How do i get an ibitt card?

At the contrary of traditional financial products that require long and complicated processes to get to the hands of the users, to obtain your ibitt card is rather simple.

All you need is to have an ibitt account. After that, we provide you with a simple form to collect the necessary data. You can access to the form here. Now, we’d only require a Proof of Direction and a Proof of Identity to comply with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) standards.

And that’s it! Now you can see how easy it’s to be the proud owner of your very own prepaid crypto debit card. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions from our support team to help you go through the process.

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