Learn how to use our INV token

Learn how to use our INV token

Each day, hundreds of cryptoassets are created and included in the global digital market. Right now there are more than 4.000 cryptoassets registered, where only a few really stand out because of their usability rather than their price. Due to this, with the goal of providing a unique type of service, Investa has created its own token: the INV token.


But first of all, what is a token?

A token is a transferable good, which is defined by its utility or as an asset. It can take the form of coins, game points, or collectible tokens, being possible to exchange it by a product or service promised by its provider. In the case of blockchain tokens, its structure as a cryptoasset works “above” the blockchain of a cryptocurrency, instead of doing it on its own.

In this case, INV it’s an ERC20 token which is a very special type of token. ERC20 tokens work as smart contracts that are executed in the Ethereum blockchain, which allows them to do more tasks than merely create and register transferences, as it happens in the case of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

The functionality of ERC20 tokens also includes the benefit of being compatible with the many applications created in the Ethereum network (Dapps), as they are created under the same protocol, becoming quite easy to circulate in the market.


And how does the INV token works?

With its launch in 2018, the INV token was created as a trade option in the InvestaCoin platform, also serving as a way for our users to pay for our services. INV token can be used in our ibitt exchange, which was created from scratch using the bitcoin network. By using INV to make trades from ibitt, low fees are assured and it also offers reference commissions for the volume of trade included.

On another hand, one of the most useful services for the general audience is our very own double-way crypto ATMs, which make possible to execute conversion processes from cryptoassets to fiat money and vice-versa. With over 200 listed cryptoassets, the INV token it’s included as an option to be exchanged for fiat money and withdrawn in any of the installed ATMs.

Also, INV token is also available in a very special product: our pre-paid crypto debit cards. With this unique product with access to over 30 million businesses around the globe, the users can recharge their cards and purchase goods and services using their INV tokens.


About the INV community

With a community always growing, the INV token offers from the start transparency and control and puts them in the hands of its users. Thanks to the democratic principle of InvestaCoin, the community works with consensus mechanisms that assure conformity in the decision making for the modification or creation of products and services

All new members can join us  and be part of the community in our Slack, Telegram or Twitter, where they can reach our team and be part of this one of a kind financial experience.

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