Make your transactions with the exchange of major liquidity in the market

Make your transactions with the exchange of major liquidity in the market

The limitless benefits of cryptocurrency adoption resonate more and more in the traditional market of fiat money. Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market has a value that goes over $100 billion in total net worth, being 16% of this made only in transactions from Latin America.

This is due to the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent an advantage that keeps getting more acceptance in traditional financial services. Because of this, ibitt it’s a solution already available for latin american countries, that can count with a physical and trustworthy exchange to make their daily financial operations with these technologies.

Counting on the biggest liquidity in the market, ibitt offers an immediate disponibility of funds to its clients in order to fulfill their necessities thanks to its exclusive alliance with the renowned blockchain exchange Bittrex. This way, the users have security and efficacy at all times when making operations in every ibitt ATMs, virtual platform and physical offices.

Also, ibitt is the first crypto exchange with over 200 cryptoassets available at the best rate in Chile. With its first ATMs available in Santiago, the exchange already leads the cryptocurrency market in the country as it offers the best rate for exchanges to fiat money and vice versa. Also, users have the possibility to do their operations in ibitt’s OTC Desk located in the chilean capital city.

If this wasn’t enough, thanks to ibitt’s very important amount of liquidity, its services include an extra product for its users: prepaid cards that not only can be used in the withdrawal of fiat money operations from any of its ATMs on its network, but it also can be used to pay with cryptoassets in over 30 million businesses around the world.

The multimillionaire movement of invested funds in the cryptoassets market has opened a new opportunity for money exchange at a better rate, benefiting active locations for these processes. Such is the case of remittances for Latin America and the Caribbean, where providing a high rate of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market is very necessary to adapt traditional financial services to the user’s current needs.

With recent examples such as Colombia and Venezuela, where just in the first five weeks of 2019 got to make 85% of transactions with cryptoassets in the latin american region, it’s clear the ongoing adoption of new financial technologies to make up for the big amount of necessities of latin american citizens in this important area.

ibitt’s brand new network of services it’s in constant expansion, being present in Chile and Peru at the moment, and developing plans towards new locations to bring the biggest rank of options in crypto market prices and fiat money to users in the latin american region. Also, the plans extend to provide more people each time with the advantages of cryptocurrencies in their daily financial operations at the best rate with security and transparency in their ATMs and in ibitt’s offices.

If you are not in our current locations, you can access to our services from home through our platform, where we will be ready to attend you.

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