IBitt will create the biggest crypto ATM network of Latin America

IBitt will create the biggest crypto ATM network of Latin America

The world is changing and financial services are evolving towards new technologies. In the wave of the digital economy by the year 2018, the cryptocurrency market already counted with hundreds of thousands of users only in Latin America and the Caribbean, with most services directed to the use of criptoassets in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, México and Brasil.

On top of this, the predictions indicate that in a span of ten years, up to two million adults distributed in 9 countries of Latin America will be using FinTech services as cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. Now, the challenge is to get the benefits to crypto assets to the biggest quantity of users as possible -banked and unbanked- in the region.

With the easiness and efficacy in mind, ibitt is projected as the biggest network of ATMs of cryptoassets in Latin America, starting with its expansion through Chile and Peru with its first ten units installed by 2019.

The way of use of the ATMs allows the exchange of fiat money with the cryptocurrency selected by the user and vice versa. With its practic disposition, the ibitt ATMs of the group Investa offer a solution to integrate cryptocurrencies to the daily lives of its users.

The use of each ATM offers security and simplicity in each transaction, allowing a quick and effective process to make deposits and withdrawals at the best rate in the market with minimum fees.

Using the ITM Network, the ATMs makes money management in foreign currency way easier, as it’s the case in remittances for families in developing countries in Latin America. In this case, the user could receive money in its cryptoasset wallet and make a withdrawal in fiat money with an ibitt ATM available in their city.

Also, the transactions with crypto ATMs of the ibitt network are made immediately thanks to the INV blockchain, which enables to perform a whole variety of operations for its users. ibitt services make easier the access to the new digital economy, providing from code scanning for transference of funds directly from a crypto wallet, withdrawals and deposits, to sending remittances to banks located in any region of Latin America.

In order to use the variety of services provided by ibitt ATMs, the user only requires its crypto wallet and a debit card. With this, it will be able to manage its funds without inconveniences and with the easement and practicality of a traditional ATM. The easiness of its use extends to users without cryptoassets, whom will also be able to take advantage of ibitt services by receiving funds in their local currency after being exchanged from cryptoassets to fiat money by the transmitter of the funds.

With the goal of extending its services through all the Latin-American region and the Caribean, ibitt’s agenda goes further into countries with a high amount of transactions with cryptocurrency and in deep necessity of financial solutions such as Venezuela, in alliance with CoinCoinx exchange. At the same time, new destinations will be revealed for the upcoming biggest crypto ATM network of Latin America.

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