Trade wherever you go with iBitt’s professional investor’s app


In the trading world, to stay ahead in the market is key for investors. In order to provide the best trading ecosystem for our clients, iBitt and parenting company Investa have in store the latest in exchange platform services for traders with the upcoming iBitt mobile app.

By bringing the latest in mobile apps for trading, iBitt steps ahead in Fintech services with the upcoming launch of its platform design to fulfill the necessities of the investors of FIAT and cryptocurrency markets. Getting their services as well as their clients into the future, this brand new product, powered by parenting company Investa, is designed to impulse traders into a new era for investing.

As part of iBitt’s roadmap to extend its variety of unique financial products and services, the next step its set on providing a mobile application to serve to traders and investors who don’t want to miss out any financial opportunities in the market.

The growing capitalization of the crypto market have left under the spotlight great investment possibilities that now are more accessible than ever thanks to iBitt and Investa. The mix of both crypto and FIAT currencies in one platform has now migrated to a unique product thought specially for investors.

Suited for the necessities of the traders of today, the mobile platform developed by Investa will count on the wide offer of currencies provided by iBitt exchange, which has the biggest liquidity of the market. Soon, investors will be able to trade with over 200 FIAT and crypto currencies from their anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices.

The professional crypto platform is designed to ease fund management from a mobile device, allowing users to make investment decisions on the go. Wealth grow is assured in the availability of investment at any moment and any time just by accessing to the iBitt’s app.  

iBitt’s investor’s app offers a secure wallet for both FIAT and crypto funds -including the INV token- protected by maximum security protocols. Not only users will be able to keep their funds fully secured, but will also be able to manage them in a fully functional trading platform or easily send and receive them from their iBitt wallet.

Also, users will not only be able to trade within the mobile app, but also will have access to several unique services such as a peer-to-peer lending program and exchange-traded fund (ETF) crypto basket gain. Furthermore, Investa’s powered trading app will also let investors step ahead in the market with access to private spree ICO discounts, gaining advantage for new opportunities in the crypto market.

Investors can already access iBitt’s exchange platform, which is available in iBitt’s web page, and can be used after following simple steps of registration and KYC security protocols to start trading with the full variety of currencies in display, along with all its benefits such as market analysis, record of transactions and much more.

The iBitt and Investa’s mobile app will be soon available to download for Google Store and Apple Store.

You can watch the app’s promo here.

iBitt and Startup Grind support corporative innovation in the Minnin Summit 2019


The first event of mining innovation in Chile was the scenery for an exclusive panel of speakers dedicated to spread the word about entrepreneurship and collaborative economy. The encounter counted with the presence of iBitt as the official sponsor of the new businesses accelerator Startup Grind Santiago.

During the 23th and 24th of April, the great entrepreneurship fair Minnin Summit 2019 put under the spotlight the opportunities of expansion of the latin american market thanks to the presentations given by national and international attendees.

On its second edition, the event dedicated to reunite startups to discuss the latest trends in the mining industry and in general, counted with talks from representatives from the corporative and technological field. Among them, Startup Grind participated in the event in alliance with Google for Startups, presenting the panel “Startups as an engine for Corporative Innovation”.

The panel brought by the representatives of the global community of startups was focused in entrepreneurship and collaborative economy. Also, it counted between its speakers with Michelle Ash, expert in strategy of development and technological implementation;  Claudio Valenzuela, CEO of Mine Class, the first educational platform about mining; and Constantino Seixas, general manager of Accenture Brazil.

As a sponsor, iBitt continue to support the entrepreneurship and the innovation in Chile and Latin America by being present in the Minnin Summit 2019. Between the attendees to the conference there was Chris Schwarzenbach, co-founder and Chief Of Operations of Investa, parent company of iBitt. There also was Carlos Zazo, General Manager of iBitt in Chile.

With the support towards the mining industry in Chile as a main goal, the occasion also served as a platform to expose the latin american corporative and entrepreneur talent, where technology also occupied a main spot in the discussion. Due to this, the presence of iBitt gives a support to the creation of new businesses that collaborate with the sustainable growth of the wide range of industries in the region.


iBitt continues to support Latin America’s technological development as well, not just as a sponsor but as an entrepreneurship itself in the financial service field. The example set by iBitt as an exchange platform and with OTC Desk offices already available for the public of Peru and Chile, makes it part of the latin american Fintech ecosystem. Is important to add to this iBitt’s presence in innovation events, which are part of the landscape in the variety of services available in the financial area for the public in the region.

Aiming to impulse the adoption of new financial technologies, iBitt’s unique services and products continue to revolutionize the market of cryptocurrency solutions in the latin american region. This way, we upgrade the level of this services with new tools made available to the general audience.

As it keeps growing and extending its services, iBitt’s presence will also keep up in events that demonstrate the entrepreneur talent in the region, to serve as a boost in all the different fields and industries that are part of the wide market that will benefit of the arrival of new businesses and services over all Latin America in upcoming years.

How to start trading with iBitt exchange


As cryptoassets gain traction as part of the digital economy, the ongoing adoption already show outstanding statistics. Just by the end of 2018, there were already over 32 million bitcoin wallets created globally, with millions of emerging market users.

The increase in the crypto market capitalization has showed great opportunities for investment for the general audience as well. According Chainalysis, the number of current active bitcoin users is around 7.1 million, with over 4 million of them using the cryptocurrency for speculative trade.

As the market grows, safe inclusion of new investors is vital to build a secure financial environment. Safe practices used by renowned crypto exchanges include compliance to banking regulations, user identification and confirmation and security of funds through encryption.

In the mist of crypto adoption, iBitt platform is adapted to comply with all the requirements to operate with financial institutions all around the globe. Our exchange manages the biggest liquidity in the market with over 200 FIAT and crypto currencies including the INV token, so it fits the overall necessities of our clients globally along with our variety of products and services.

To use iBitt exchange platform is easy. Here we explain it to you in three simple steps:

Set up your iBitt account

Follow all the steps to create your own iBitt account. First of all is the registration, done very easily by simply with your email and a selected password.

After confirming your email, you will have access to further services, including the iBitt exchange, where you’ll be granted a wallet to manage your funds inside the platform and to start using the exchange platform.

KYC Verification

The next thing is to do your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, which will allow you to withdraw your funds. Just look for the Security option in the menu and select KYC Verification.

Make sure to fill correctly all the data requested in order to be possible for us and bank entities to confirm your identity while doing any process. You’ll also need to set up your 2 Factor Authentication using the selected phone number or email used in the KYC form.

Start trading

Now you can set up all your account preferences. iBitt allow users to manage a multi-wallet platform, where you can start doing trades with any of the over 200 currencies available, according to your investment interests.

Afterwards, you can start trading! You can select either Basic or Pro trading options, where you’ll be able to buy and sell using FIAT and crypto, and also send and withdraw funds from your iBitt wallet.

iBitt exchange platform is designed to help our clients take the best investment decisions, thanks to its market analysis of the chosen assets. From keeping track of the assets highs and lows to keep record of all the trades made by the user.

With iBitt our clients now have a whole world of investment opportunities both with FIAT and cryptoassets. This includes the possibility of using the INV token, which is exclusive for INVESTA users and allow users to take advantage of all the benefits that iBitt has in store for you.

You can see a preview of how our platform works here.

iBitt takes part in the Fintech revolution


Innovation in the financial field is a key subject for the economic development worldwide. In 2018 a new record was established in the investment of entrepreneurships focused in providing new solutions for financial services, with over $55 billion invested in the FinTech sector, reaching up to $44 billion just during last year’s first semester.

This also applies to the Latin American market, which presents great expectations in opportunities for financial products and services development, according to studies made by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Finnovista organization. The statistics provided by both institutions showed an undeniable wave of innovation that goes back to 2016, when over 700 consolidated Fintech entrepreneurships were counted in 15 countries all over the region and represented in a report in 2017.

In the middle of this innovation wave, -never seen before in the financial sector- iBitt adds value offering its unique products and services for the traditional market as well as for the crypto world.

The arrival of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into the financial landscape represents an opportunity that keeps on challenging entrepreneurs at a global scale. The explosion of investment in business focused in this financial technology marked the job market. This was proved in 2017, when there was a raise over 200% in job offers in blockchain related positions for development of solutions with this technology.

Surpassing our competence common and basic services offers, iBitt goes beyond in what it has in store for both investors and the general public. Not only offers an exchange platform for cryptoassets and fiat money with the biggest liquidity in the market, but it also provides products and services that bring new technologies closer to an audience accustomed exclusively to traditional financial services.

iBitt covers an international audience that extends from United Kingdom to Latin America, offering a multi-platform with products and services without comparison at a global scale. From the network of CRYPTO-FIAT ATMs for the latin american region set on the company’s roadmap to its unique prepaid crypto debit card, iBitt is the perfect solution for the general public.

iBitt services successfully meet the biggest challenges that all entrepreneurships with crypto must face. Its services comply with international bank regulations, supply the public with education and eases adoption of new financial technologies, and it also attend the needs of both investors and individuals with escarce financial experience.

On top of all of this, iBitt supports the revolution of financial services with its impulse towards the latin american entrepreneur talent. Since 2019 iBitt sponsors initiatives that organize events directed to the development of solutions in countries like Chile, where it’s located one of iBitt’s offices as part of its roadmap of extension across the latin american region.

iBitt also takes part in the Fintech revolution and service innovation as part of the Innovations and Entrepreneurship Fair that will take place in the city of Santiago de Chile. iBitt is the official sponsor of Startup Grind on its chapter in the capital of Chile, whom will be presenting an Innovation and Collaboration Panel, where collaborative economy will take the stage  during the event that will be done from April 23th to 24th this year.

iBitt sponsored the Latin American entrepreneurship with #FiresideChat 2019


In iBitt we are very proud to announce that the #FiresideChat 2019 event, dedicated to support the entrepreneurial talent in Latin America was declared a success.

Chile was the setting of the recent meetup sponsored by iBitt and organized by the accelerator Startup Grind of Santiago de Chile and Google for Startup. For the occasion, the entrepreneurs present had the chance to learn first hand about how to promote their business ideas under the guide of the successful entrepreneur and branding expert Karen Montalva.

The event focus was set in how to generate sales during the first steps of an entrepreneurship. During her talk, Montalva, main speaker and specialist in sales acceleration, explained to the assistants how to make their business take off and make it a success.

The meetup counted on the assistance of local entrepreneurs and participants interested in improving their selling scheme and make their business projects a reality. Guided by Montalva’s experience in sales, the assistants learned the step-by-step of how to boost their sales and their business brand, which constitutes a key theme in the early years of a entrepreneurship, as the invited expert explained during the specialized talk.

The prestigious space of co-working and forum of Open Innovation, Bridge By Accenture, in Santiago de Chile, was the space used for the special ocassion. There, both chilean assistants and foreigners from different parts of Latin America expressed their satisfaction to the event organizers, confirming the success of expectations and meeting the goal of impulsing the entrepreneurial talent in the region.

The participation of iBitt exchange as sponsor had its greatest merit in the support of an event destined to serve as a boost for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America, an occasion that will precede many more similar activities in the near future.

With its arrival to the latin american public in 2018, the vision of the company property of INVESTA continues to reach goals as it goes further than just be part of the latin american market, as it adds value to its participation in the space, supporting the education in the business area.

Our unique services are directed to generate financial inclusion and incentivize the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. iBitt also aspired to inspire new generations of entrepreneurs in the spanish speaking region.

In collaboration with Startup Grind (@StartUpGrindSCL), iBitt aspires to continue to boost the participation of the global and local entrepreneur community to boost the creation of new solutions in the latin american market.

The constant evolution of commercial opportunities that is widely presented in Latin America’s landscape should be object of more investment through educational events focused in targeting new talents in the business area. An opportunity that represents an equally lucrative incentive for countries with entrepreneurs that destine their talents to create new solutions to their very diverse and particular issues.

Because of this, iBitt it’s proud to be the official sponsor of this and many future events related to the enrichment of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America, and at the same time that continues to extend the benefits of its financial services directed to the general public in the region.

Discover a world of possibilities with your ibitt card


Nowadays traditional financial services struggle to keep up with the times. While in 2018 the statistics pointed out that the adults at a global scale with access to financial services reached to 69% -which represents 3800 million people- according to the World Bank, the pending work is still of huge proportions, specially in Latin America.

By 2017 the amount of LATAM users without access to bank services reached 46%, which means 2100 million people. This according to statistics of the Inter-American Development Bank.

The reasons for this uneven situation to service access varies, including adoption difficulties. Also, the offering of services in FinTech to cover the necessity for access to financial services was only of 27%.

Going further from geographic and traditional services barriers, in ibitt we go ahead of the necessities of our users to make an easy transition towards financial services with blockchain and cryptocurrencies with our ibitt card.


What is the ibitt card?

The ibitt card is a prepaid debit card that is designed to access to your funds both in cryptoassets and fiat money, using all our services.


How does it works?

This special card has many benefits for you. Just to start, you can make purchases in over 38 million businesses all over the world.

Also, your ibitt card gives you access directly to your funds in cryptoassets or fiat money, keeping them all in the same account, from where you can withdraw your cash from any of the ATM’s in our network.

In order to recharge your funds the process is simple, just using any of our options in fiat money (USD, GBP, EUR, CLP) to send funds directly to your fiat wallet. In the case of choosing to use cryptoassets, the same process applies, selecting the cryptoassets of your preference and sending them over to your ibitt wallet.

Do you want to pay with your cryptoassets in a establishment? The ibitt card has a scannable PIN for points of sale, which can be used to buy in any merchant without problem. You can learn how to use your ibitt card in this video.

Also, the ibitt card  is quite accessible. The commissions for each operation are from just $1 and it allows the users to withdraw even $8,000 daily in cash from our ATMs.


How do i get an ibitt card?

At the contrary of traditional financial products that require long and complicated processes to get to the hands of the users, to obtain your ibitt card is rather simple.

All you need is to have an ibitt account. After that, we provide you with a simple form to collect the necessary data. You can access to the form here. Now, we’d only require a Proof of Direction and a Proof of Identity to comply with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) standards.

And that’s it! Now you can see how easy it’s to be the proud owner of your very own prepaid crypto debit card. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions from our support team to help you go through the process.

Learn how to use our INV token


Each day, hundreds of cryptoassets are created and included in the global digital market. Right now there are more than 4.000 cryptoassets registered, where only a few really stand out because of their usability rather than their price. Due to this, with the goal of providing a unique type of service, Investa has created its own token: the INV token.


But first of all, what is a token?

A token is a transferable good, which is defined by its utility or as an asset. It can take the form of coins, game points, or collectible tokens, being possible to exchange it by a product or service promised by its provider. In the case of blockchain tokens, its structure as a cryptoasset works “above” the blockchain of a cryptocurrency, instead of doing it on its own.

In this case, INV it’s an ERC20 token which is a very special type of token. ERC20 tokens work as smart contracts that are executed in the Ethereum blockchain, which allows them to do more tasks than merely create and register transferences, as it happens in the case of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.

The functionality of ERC20 tokens also includes the benefit of being compatible with the many applications created in the Ethereum network (Dapps), as they are created under the same protocol, becoming quite easy to circulate in the market.


And how does the INV token works?

With its launch in 2018, the INV token was created as a trade option in the InvestaCoin platform, also serving as a way for our users to pay for our services. INV token can be used in our ibitt exchange, which was created from scratch using the bitcoin network. By using INV to make trades from ibitt, low fees are assured and it also offers reference commissions for the volume of trade included.

On another hand, one of the most useful services for the general audience is our very own double-way crypto ATMs, which make possible to execute conversion processes from cryptoassets to fiat money and vice-versa. With over 200 listed cryptoassets, the INV token it’s included as an option to be exchanged for fiat money and withdrawn in any of the installed ATMs.

Also, INV token is also available in a very special product: our pre-paid crypto debit cards. With this unique product with access to over 30 million businesses around the globe, the users can recharge their cards and purchase goods and services using their INV tokens.


About the INV community

With a community always growing, the INV token offers from the start transparency and control and puts them in the hands of its users. Thanks to the democratic principle of InvestaCoin, the community works with consensus mechanisms that assure conformity in the decision making for the modification or creation of products and services

All new members can join us  and be part of the community in our Slack, Telegram or Twitter, where they can reach our team and be part of this one of a kind financial experience.

Make your transactions with the exchange of major liquidity in the market


The limitless benefits of cryptocurrency adoption resonate more and more in the traditional market of fiat money. Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market has a value that goes over $100 billion in total net worth, being 16% of this made only in transactions from Latin America.

This is due to the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent an advantage that keeps getting more acceptance in traditional financial services. Because of this, ibitt it’s a solution already available for latin american countries, that can count with a physical and trustworthy exchange to make their daily financial operations with these technologies.

Counting on the biggest liquidity in the market, ibitt offers an immediate disponibility of funds to its clients in order to fulfill their necessities thanks to its exclusive alliance with the renowned blockchain exchange Bittrex. This way, the users have security and efficacy at all times when making operations in every ibitt ATMs, virtual platform and physical offices.

Also, ibitt is the first crypto exchange with over 200 cryptoassets available at the best rate in Chile. With its first ATMs available in Santiago, the exchange already leads the cryptocurrency market in the country as it offers the best rate for exchanges to fiat money and vice versa. Also, users have the possibility to do their operations in ibitt’s OTC Desk located in the chilean capital city.

If this wasn’t enough, thanks to ibitt’s very important amount of liquidity, its services include an extra product for its users: prepaid cards that not only can be used in the withdrawal of fiat money operations from any of its ATMs on its network, but it also can be used to pay with cryptoassets in over 30 million businesses around the world.

The multimillionaire movement of invested funds in the cryptoassets market has opened a new opportunity for money exchange at a better rate, benefiting active locations for these processes. Such is the case of remittances for Latin America and the Caribbean, where providing a high rate of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market is very necessary to adapt traditional financial services to the user’s current needs.

With recent examples such as Colombia and Venezuela, where just in the first five weeks of 2019 got to make 85% of transactions with cryptoassets in the latin american region, it’s clear the ongoing adoption of new financial technologies to make up for the big amount of necessities of latin american citizens in this important area.

ibitt’s brand new network of services it’s in constant expansion, being present in Chile and Peru at the moment, and developing plans towards new locations to bring the biggest rank of options in crypto market prices and fiat money to users in the latin american region. Also, the plans extend to provide more people each time with the advantages of cryptocurrencies in their daily financial operations at the best rate with security and transparency in their ATMs and in ibitt’s offices.

If you are not in our current locations, you can access to our services from home through our platform, where we will be ready to attend you.

IBitt will create the biggest crypto ATM network of Latin America


The world is changing and financial services are evolving towards new technologies. In the wave of the digital economy by the year 2018, the cryptocurrency market already counted with hundreds of thousands of users only in Latin America and the Caribbean, with most services directed to the use of criptoassets in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, México and Brasil.

On top of this, the predictions indicate that in a span of ten years, up to two million adults distributed in 9 countries of Latin America will be using FinTech services as cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. Now, the challenge is to get the benefits to crypto assets to the biggest quantity of users as possible -banked and unbanked- in the region.

With the easiness and efficacy in mind, ibitt is projected as the biggest network of ATMs of cryptoassets in Latin America, starting with its expansion through Chile and Peru with its first ten units installed by 2019.

The way of use of the ATMs allows the exchange of fiat money with the cryptocurrency selected by the user and vice versa. With its practic disposition, the ibitt ATMs of the group Investa offer a solution to integrate cryptocurrencies to the daily lives of its users.

The use of each ATM offers security and simplicity in each transaction, allowing a quick and effective process to make deposits and withdrawals at the best rate in the market with minimum fees.

Using the ITM Network, the ATMs makes money management in foreign currency way easier, as it’s the case in remittances for families in developing countries in Latin America. In this case, the user could receive money in its cryptoasset wallet and make a withdrawal in fiat money with an ibitt ATM available in their city.

Also, the transactions with crypto ATMs of the ibitt network are made immediately thanks to the INV blockchain, which enables to perform a whole variety of operations for its users. ibitt services make easier the access to the new digital economy, providing from code scanning for transference of funds directly from a crypto wallet, withdrawals and deposits, to sending remittances to banks located in any region of Latin America.

In order to use the variety of services provided by ibitt ATMs, the user only requires its crypto wallet and a debit card. With this, it will be able to manage its funds without inconveniences and with the easement and practicality of a traditional ATM. The easiness of its use extends to users without cryptoassets, whom will also be able to take advantage of ibitt services by receiving funds in their local currency after being exchanged from cryptoassets to fiat money by the transmitter of the funds.

With the goal of extending its services through all the Latin-American region and the Caribean, ibitt’s agenda goes further into countries with a high amount of transactions with cryptocurrency and in deep necessity of financial solutions such as Venezuela, in alliance with CoinCoinx exchange. At the same time, new destinations will be revealed for the upcoming biggest crypto ATM network of Latin America.